Updated 06-III-2016

Middleton Lamp

Very little information is known concerning the now closed Eagle Lamp Company. Its origins are believed to be in the Massachusetts town of Middleton, MA. Certainly in 1903 it operated a lamp factory in that town. However by 1906 it would appear to have been either taken over or merged with its nearby competitor, the Boston Incandescent Lamp Company of Danvers. In that same year, both the Eagle and Boston Lamp Companies were taken over by the National Lamp Works of the General Electric Company. Since the Boston Lamp Co. was relocated to new premises in Danvers immediately following its takeover, it is possible that the Eagle company moved on the same occasion and for the same reason.
Address Middleton, Massachusetts, USA.
Location Unknown.
Opened Prior to 1906.
Closed After 1906.
Products Carbon Filament Lamps.

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