Updated 25-I-2020

Mentor Equipment Plant

The Mentor Equipment Plant became a part of GE's lamp machine-building operations in 1971. At that time there was a tremendous requirement for additional lampmaking machinery, which could not be fulfilled by the Cleveland Equipment Works at the East 152nd Street Facility. In that year GE bought an empty facility in Mentor (OH) to create the Mentor Equipment Plant, and two smaller job shops. Those became known as the Independence Equipment Plant and the Star Equipment Plant, the latter of which was quite small and was closed in 1975, its operations being absorbed into Cleveland, Mentor and Independence. It is not known when the Mentor site was closed, but in 1979 GE was still operating all three facilities for the design and construction of lampmaking machinery, with a combined workforce of 800 engineers covering more than 300,000 square feet. The most recent citation concerning Mentor is noted in the retirement of one of its former employees, in 1983. Analysis of historic Google Earth images does not show a sufficiently large building at the listed address after the earliest satellite image of 1994, therefore it is suspected that it closed down and the building demolished prior to that date.

Address GE Mentor Equipment Plant #8442, 7401 Tyler Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio 44060, U.S.A.
Location Unknown
Opened 1971.
Closed Supected between 1983 and 1994.
Floorspace Unknown.
Products Lamp Manufacturing Machinery.

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