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The Marlboro Lamp Works was opened in 1891 shortly after the establishement of the Germania Electric Manufacturing Company on 11th January 1890. That company had purchased the Schaefer Electric Manufacturing Company in October 1890, and in January 1891 its capital was increased. The original Cambridgeport Lamp Works was taken over and relocated to Marlboro in 1891. The name of the new company was simplified to The Germania Electric Company in June 1891. Shortly after its inception, the company benefitted from employing the famous Russian lamp inventor Achilles de Khotinsky, who had successfully established his own incandescent lamp factories in Russia, Germany, Austria, Holland, France and England. The de Khotinsky lamp was especially well respected because of its robust design which had survived patent litigation of the Ediswan company in Europe. De Khotinsky emigrated to the USA on December 21st 1891, where he became a co-director of Germania and the company acquired the rights to his patents. This may indicate that he had perhaps been hired by the company to bolster its own position during the turbulent times following GE's enforcement of its Edison lamp patents in the USA.

Nevertheless, General Electric filed for an injunction against Germania in March 1893 and the courts ruled in favour of GE, citing that the Germania lamp was indeed in infringement of the Edison patent. As a result Germania was promptly closed down, de Khotinsky was relesed from the company's employ, and ownership of his US patents reverted back to himself. Germania was then purchased outright by the Bryan-Marsh Company of New York in 1894 - probably stimulated by the fact that the Edison patents expired in that year, and Bryan-Marsh had interests to resurrect the lampmaking. Bryan-Marsh itself was ultimately absorbed by the National Electric Lamp Company in 1901, and thereby became a part of its parent company, General Electric.

Address Unknown.
Location Unknown.
Opened 1891.
Closed 1893.
Products Carbon Filament incandescent lamps.

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