Updated 17-III-2020

Euclid Glass Works

The Euclid Glass Division was the third glassmaking facility of General Electric, and augmented the output of the Edison Lamp Works' Fostoria Glass Division, and the National Lamp Works' Niles Glass Division. Its precise origins are not known, but references cite its existence in 1912. It was located on East 152nd Street in Cleveland, Ohio, and was one of the first buildings on that vast industrial site which for a hundred years was engaged in the production of all kinds of pre-materials and components for supply to other final assembly lamp factories. It was closed in 1919 and by December of that year the building had been taken over by General Electric's radio tube division, the Radiophone Corporation of America, which had been founded within the Cuyahoga Lamp Plant at NELA Park. In 1932 RCA moved its electronic tube production to Harrison NJ, which had been vacated by the Edison Lamp Works in 1929. At the same time, GE's Pitney Glass Works needed room for expansion and when RCA moved out of the former Euclid Glass Plant, its buildings returned to glassmaking under the name of the "New Pitney Glass Works". It is not certain whether or not the original Euclid Glass buildings were maintained.

Address 1133 East 152nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio, OH44110, U.S.A.
Location Centre of site approximately 41.5475°N, -81.5730°E
Opened Pre-1912.
Closed 1919.
Products Glass Bulbs & Tubing

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