Updated 06-II-2016

Cleveland Lamp

Virtually no information has been found concerning the now-closed Cleveland Lamp Works of General Electric. It is known that at the outset it produced carbon filament lamps, which indicates that it must have existed prior to approximately 1910, and that it belonged to the National Lamp Works rather than the Edison Lamp Works division of GE. It was still in existence in 1940, but had closed by 1961. Several references cite an address that is directly alongside GE's Euclid Lamp Plant. It seems unusual that the company would have operated two separate lamp plants on effectively the same site - it is therefore uncertain whether the Cleveland Lamp Works actually closed down, or may simply have been absorbed by the Euclid Lamp Plant.

The building at 1762 East 45th Street in 2015, believed to have previously housed the Cleveland Lamp Works.

Address 1762 East 45th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Location Unknown
Opened Pre-1910
Closed Between 1940 and 1961.
Products Carbon Filament, Tungsten Filament Lamps

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