Updated 01-V-2020


Very little information has been found concerning the Buffalo Lamp Works of General Electric. It is known only that it was operating at least between the years 1927-1940 at the address below, and that it manufactured miniature lamps including Christmas Tree and automotive types. At its peak it employed around 600 men. By 1932 this had fallen to around 300 owing to reduced demand for automotive lamps, as well as severe competition from imports of cheap Christmas lamps from Japan and Germany. The factory manager, Robert O. Poag, announced that the facility would therefore be closed down on October 31st 1932. It is not known whether the factory did in fact close on that date, or was perhaps re-opened later because there are other news reports that indicate it was still operational as late as 1940.

Address Buffalo Lamp Works of General Electric, 1495 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Location 42.9145°N, -78.8383°E.
Opened Prior to 1927.
Closed After 1940.
Products Miniature incandescent lamps.

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