Updated 25-VIII-2019

Andover Bulb Plant

Virtually no information has been found concerning the now-closed GE Andover Bulb Plant. It is known only from employee obituaries that it existed between 1940 and 1985, and from A Century of Light by James A. Cox, that in 1979 it was a glassworks producing bulb shells for GE's Miniature Lamp Products Department. A reference to its address has been found in an Ohio Air Pollution document, which sites it at 134 Maple Avenue. That is also the address of the town hall. It is possible that the town hall was relocated here following the closure of the bulb plant, however it is a rather small building (see satellite view image below). It seems likely that it may instead have been located in the very much larger premises 250m to the East at 202 Maple Avenue, which later housed "Andover Industries", and that the cited address at 134 Maple Avenue may only have been for correspondence purposes.

Front Entrance of 134 Maple Avenue, Andover, taken in 2014

Address 134 Maple Avenue, Andover, OH 44003, U.S.A.
Location 41.6124°N, -80.5729°E
Opened pre-1940.
Closed post-1985.
Floorspace Unknown.
Products Miniature glass bulbs.

Aerial View 2019(5)

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