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The lamp factory at Sheffield was located in the former Carlton Cinema, which first opened its doors in 1938 and closed in 1959-60 due to the increased prevalence of home television sets. Rather unusually for the time it was constructed from prefabricated cast concrete blocks, which afforded very limited thermal insulation and as a result the building was non-so-affectionately known locally as "The Icebox".

By the mid 1960s it had been taken over by The Omega Light Company, and for a number of years manufactured incandescent lamps. It is not known whether or not there was any connection between this enterprise and the similarly-named Omega Lamp Works at Rodney. During the 1970s the workforce dwindled and eventually production was stopped, but the building was retained as a warehouse for distribution of finished lamps. By 1982 it was operating under the name of Beacon Lamps, a company which imported cheap lamps from Romania for distribution on the British market. Rather famously one of these killed a customer due to electrocution arising from a long uncut leadwire protruding beyond the solder contacts of the bayonet cap. The popularity of cheap lamps at once diminished, and by the end of the 1980s Beacon had closed down. The building lay derelict until the summer of 1999 when it was demolished to make room for new housing.

View of Omega Light Company in the former Carlton Cinema, 1968

Address Corner of Eastern Avenue & Errington Road, Norton, Sheffield, United Kingdom.
Location 53.3611°N, -1.4397°E
Opened Mid 1960s
Closed Late 1980s
Products Incandescent general lighting service.

1982 - Note Beacon Lamps sign Aerial View approx 1970

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