Updated 04-I-2019

O. E. Woodhouse

This article was written by fellow lamp engineer and collector Edward J. Covington, and originally appeared on his own website of biographical sketches of persons involved in the lamp industry. Following his passing in February 2017, and with kind permission of his family, Ed's words have been preserved here in the hope of maintaining access to his writings for the benefit of subsequent generations.

One of the early lamps marketed in England was known as Woodhouse & Rawson. O. E. Woodhouse died in 1887 at the age of 32. Below is an obituary that appeared in The Electrician and Electrical Engineer:
"Mr. O. E. Woodhouse, senior partner of the electrical engineering firm of Woodhouse & Rawson; London, died at Brighton, October 21. Mr. Woodhouse was born in London, October 21, 1855. At King's College, London, he acquired a knowledge of physical science which well qualified him for his career as an electrical engineer. Leaving college, he began his work by entering the shops of Messrs. Hunter & English, where he passed three years. In 1877 he entered the railway service, taking a position with the Great Eastern Railway Co., and afterwards with the London and Northwestern Railway Co.'s locomotive department, where he continued till early in 1881. In the summer of 1880 Mr. Woodhouse visited the United States and Canada, where he spent six months in examining engineering and scientific works. Soon after his return to England in 1881, he entered into partnership with Mr. F. L. Rawson in the business of general electrical engineering, in which field the firm of Woodhouse & Rawson has since achieved distinguished success. Such thoroughly trained and energetic workers in the field of electrical engineering as Mr. Woodhouse can ill be spared from a vocation in which the work to be done increases faster than the competent hands can be found to carry it forward."

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