Updated 16-III-2020

Seaboard Lamp Plant

The Seaboard Lamp Works was established prior to 1929 directly alongside the Newark Lamp Works. The reason for establishing two factories on the same site and the differences in their roles are not understood - but the same practice was established elsewhere as in the case of Cleveland Lamp and Euclid Lamp. Seaboard was ultimately closed down in 1962 - possibly having been absorbed into Newark, which continued in production many years later until reaching its own closure in 1985.

Aerial View of the Newark and Seaboard Lamp Factories, 1994 4

Address GE Seaboard Lamp Plant, 40 17th Avenue, Newark, NJ, U.S.A.
Location 40.7302°N, -74.1927°E
Opened Prior to 1929
Closed 1962
Products Incandescent Lamps

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