Updated 06-III-2016

Danvers Maple Street

The Maple Street Works of the Boston Incandescent Lamp Company was opened in 1906, following relocation from the company's original factory on the adjacent School Street. The move was triggered when the company was taken over by the National Lamp Works of General Electrc. Prior to 1891 the site housed a skating rink, which was later expanded to include a bowling alley and an banquet room. Prior to 1898 it had been taken over by the town's armory and was home to Company K, Eighth Regiment. The main building, which still stands, was constructed in 1900 and in 1906 was purchased by National. It is unlikely that the company's former practice of rejuvenating burned out lamps would have been popular with the new owners, and it is suspected that the change of location may have seen the factory change over to the manufacture of new lamps.

Address 128 Maple Street, Danvers, Massachussetts 01923, USA.
Location Unknown.
Opened Prior to 1906.
Closed After 1915.
Products Carbon Filament Lamps.

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